Chain Maille ... No Longer Just For Knights


  • Difficulty:

  • Project:

  • Instructions:

  • Materials:
    Stainless Steel, Swarovski

  • You will need:
    2 pairs of pliers and a beading mat.

HyperLynks Entrapment Set Kit [PRE ORDER]


$26.15 inc GST

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Intricately cage 8mm/ss39 Swarovski crystals into a complex web of incredibly small machine- and saw-cut stainless steel jump rings and washers.

Each kit makes 3 units which can be worn as a pendant and earrings set or woven together to form a larger necklace.

Warning: this kit borders the "Insanity" difficulty level.

Level: Expert/Insanity

This kit includes:

Jump Rings in Stainless Steel
Swarovski Components
Stainless Steel Findings
Printed Instructions.

You will need to supply:

2 pairs of pliers (smooth jawed)
A beading mat is helpful for catching any dropped rings.