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Scarab Pendant


  • Difficulty:

  • Project:

  • Instructions:

  • Materials:
    EPDM and Bright Aluminium

  • You will need:
    2 pairs of pliers and a beading mat.

HyperLynks Scarab Pendant Kit [PRE ORDER]


$26.15 inc GST

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Steampunk meets rainbow hematite and the two couldn’t work better together in this stunning pendant!

As every cabochon produced is slightly different in shading (from gold to purple to blue and in between), every piece crafted will truly be one-of-a-kind.

Level:  Advanced

This kit includes:

Bright Aluminum Jump Rings
EPDM Jump Rings.
Plated Metal Gears
Rainbow Hematite Cabochon
Printed Instructions.


You will need to supply:

2 pairs of pliers (smooth jawed)
A beading mat is helpful for catching any dropped rings.