Chain Maille ... No Longer Just For Knights


  • Material:
    Metal Alloy

  • Colour:
    Plate, Various Colours

  • Size/s:

  • 1 unit equals:
    1 Clasp

Snake Head Key Chain Clasp 001


$4.50 inc GST


If the ssssslinky ssssssnake isssss your thing, then thisssssss classssssp issssssss what you dessssssssire.

They are large, heavy clasps measuring 75x25x14mm and the ring is 17mm.

Your chain maille is glued in each end.  A round weave like Full Persian 6in1 or roundmaille is perfect for this.  The attached images shows a chain (using the dragon clasp but same concept) made from 1.2mm x 6.25mmID rings but the 1.2mm x 1/4"(6.35mm)ID works just as well.  Glue used by Aussie Maille is a product called Super New Glue and can be purchased from us as well.