Chain Maille ... No Longer Just For Knights

Saturday Nighters Chain Maille Club

Every Saturday night (7pm AEST) Deb from Aussie Maille streams a live video on Youtube talking all about chain maille. Demonstrating weaves, answering chain maille questions, throwing rings and taking names

Each week a fun and passionate group of maillers joins Deb in the live stream chat. We like to call them the Saturday Nighters. Whether they are sharing a joke or keeping Deb on her toes it is always a great time.

It is easy to join the Saturday Nighters. All you need to do is watch the live stream on Saturday night and you are in. You get to learn new weaves or perhaps see a different way of doing a weave you already know. Since it is live you can ask questions or ask Deb to show something  again. All live streams are saved on Youtube so you can also go back and watch them over again and again and again. 

Its also a great chance for you to connect with other chain maillers. The Saturday Nighters is full of friendly beginner and experienced maillers. If Deb doesn't know the answer to your question, then chances are that someone else will.

Become a paid member for extra benefits

You can watch the video each week for free. However to get the most out of the Saturday Nighters Chain Maillers Club, you can become a paid subscription member. As a paid member you receive each month:

  • 2 kits and their associated PDF tutorials each month.  The kits will be demonstrated by Deb during the month. With the first kit on Week 1 and second kit on week 3. Kits will contain 2-3 pieces to make up. For example it may be a bracelet and a pendant, or necklace and earrings.Which means you get to make at least 4 pieces a month.
  • A 5% discount automatically applied when you purchase any full priced non sale item at  This means that the discount does not get applied to any of our sales such as Easter, Birthday and Christmas or items that are already discounted such as the clearance section and package deals.
  • A Loot bag that has random items in it each month with a retail value of at least $10.00.
  • Access to member only exclusives that may be held through the year.  This could include such things as:
    *  Pre-release to new products
    *  Extra discounts during sales and/or promotions
    *  Stock Clearance offers




Registrations open between 1st and 15th.

Join before: 15 January 2019

to receive your kits for February.


*$60 a month for shipments to Australia, $75 a month for international delivery.


How do I watch ?

All you need to do to watch is go to the Aussie Maille Youtube channel at 7pm each Saturday and you will see the live video playing. Don't forget to subscribe to our channel while you are there, so you are notfied each time a new video is created. Also follow us on Facebook as Deb creates a post each Wednesday letting you know what the next weave will be and what ring sizes you will need if you want to weave along. 


Do I have to watch live ?

No. The live streams are all saved on our Youtube channel, letting you watch at anytime. This also allows you to go back and rewatch the video to revisit those tricky parts of the weave.


How are subscriptions paid ?

The subscription payments are handled through Paypal's subcription service. When you join, the subcription amount is deducted and then automatically deducted again each week/month on the same day/date that you joined until you cancel the subscription.  If you cancel your subscription after your money has been deducted, you will still receive the PDF/kits .


What do you cover during the stream?

Each month Deb tries to follow a schedule but sometimes things can go awry. However most months you can expect:

Week 1:  Demonstration of 1st new weave for the month.

Week 2:  Demonstration of an existing Aussie Maille kit.

Week 3:  Demonstration of 2nd new weave for the month.

Week 4:  Live Q&A Session.  Each week Deb will be inviting people to send in questions they have relating to maille.  It could be a tricky step you are having issues with, materials, tools or even business related questions.  If you send them in advance we will have time to hopefully give you full and useful answers however if you pop in with a question on the night Deb will do her best to answer it. 

Week 5: For those months that have 5 Saturdays, our plan is to demonstrate either another existing weave, maybe show a Maille it in Minutes project or even another Q&A if we have enough questions to warrant it….it will be a little random and quite happy to make it up as we go along :).

Prize Giveaways:  Be sure to come along for week 4 to also have a chance at the bonus prize giveaways.  

Watch the video below for an example live stream with Deb demonstrating a weave.