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Welcome to the Saturday Nighters Maillers Club !!

Its easy to join the Saturday Nighters club. All you need to do is watch Deb on the Aussie Maille Facebook Live stream this Saturday night at 7pm AEST!

Each week watch Deb live as she demonstrates a weave and answers your questions. Not only is this a great way to learn new weaves, you get to chat with other maillers who share your passion for chain maille.

Become a monthly paid member of the Saturday Nighters Maillers club and you will recieve in advanced, all of the rings required to complete all of the weaves for the upcoming month's live streams. Paid members will also receive a PDF version of the weave e-mailed to their inbox, on the night of live feed of the weave .

This means that each month paid members will get 4 (sometimes 5) ring kits and PDF tutorials. Use the rings to follow along with Deb on Saturday Night or work on the weave later at your own pace.

Shipping is included in the monthly subcription price. Note: Non Australian residents need to select the International Ship To option when joining, otherwise your subscription will be cancelled.

The subscription payments are handled through Paypal's subcription service. When you join, the subcription amount is deducted and then automatically deducted again each month until you cancel the subscription.  If you cancel your subscription after your money has been dedicated, you will still receive the kits for that month.





Join before: 19 June 2017

to receive ring kits for July.


Only  $50 a month for shipments to Australia


$65 for international delivery.

To join up, select your Ship To location and press the subscribe button below. This will take you to Paypal to finish entering your details and finalise the subscription.

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