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Sterling Silver 18G


  • Ring Count:
    See Table

  • Wire Temper:
    Half Hard

  • Ease of Use:
    Easy to use.  

  • Will it Tarnish:

Sterling Silver Round Wire 18AWG(1.0mm)


$24.65 inc GST

15 item(s)

Our quantity discounts:

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Price  $23.91   $23.42   $22.19   $20.95 

Sold in 10 gram bags

Wound, cut and tumbled by Aussie Maille.  We use a very small blade (0.008" thick) to ensure that we remove as little material as possible giving you the best ring that we can.  

Orders of 5 or more bags will be packaged in bulk bags unless requested otherwise.

Jump Ring Stats:


Ring ID Actual ID Actual AR Ring Count
2.75mm mm   98
3.00mm mm   96
3.25mm mm   88
3.50mm mm   82
3.75mm mm   76
4.00mm mm   74
4.25mm mm   70



Ring ID Actual ID Actual AR Ring Count
4.50mm mm   68
4.75mm mm   63
5.00mm mm   61
5.25mm mm   57
5.50mm mm   56
5.75mm mm   53
6.00mm mm   50

How to Use this Table:

Ring ID is the size of the mandrel that was used to make the ring.

Actual Ring ID is the measured Internal Diameter of a closed jump ring (this takes springback and kerf into consideration).  

Actual AR is the Aspect Ratio that was calculated using the Actual Ring ID.

Ring Count is the approximate number of rings in the standard bag size.



Please note:  if there is a ring size you need that you don't see listed, please contact us to arrange for a custom listing.

To help you with some ideas of weaves you can create we have listed some here that will work with this jump ring size.  

For a more complete listing of weaves and their statistics please see our Maille Library.

Ring ID Single Ring Weaves Combination Ring Weaves


Jens Pind Linkage



European 4in1
Double Vision 



Box Chain
Double Spiral 
Half Persian 4in1 



Full Persian

Japanese 12in2 with 18G 3.00mmID