Chain Maille ... No Longer Just For Knights
Advent Calendar


  • Material:

  • Best Used For:
    Making fabulous maille

  • Size/s:
    1box & 24 small parcels

  • 1 unit equals:
    1 Calendar

Aussie Maille's Advent Calendar


$50.00 inc GST


**Important** Thank you to everyone who purchased an Advent Calendar.  They will start shipping sometime in the week starting the 18th of November.

There is nothing more exciting than counting down the days 'til Santa's arrival and the ritual of opening an advent calendar.

Here at Aussie Maille we have gone one step further and created the first ever Chain Maille Advent Calendar!  It's better than chocolate (and that is no easy feat).  It's mightier than Superman, has more dooddads than Batman, sexier than Thor.....hmmmm....I think you get the picture.

What you will receive:

24  parcels full of goodies just for the mailler.  Inside each parcel you will find rings, beads, clasps, kits etc to a retail value of over $65.00.  Something special each day just for you....what more could you ask?

Please Note:  Images show items that are indicative of what you may receive. There is no guarantee they will be in your Calendar.  Bag colours are also random and may not look like the ones shown in the image.

**Important Information**  The calendars will be mailed out during the week starting Monday, 18th of November.  If you feel this won't get to you in time for December 1st, we suggest you purchase express shipping at the checkout.  We don't guarantee delivery before the 1st of December, especially for our overseas customers.