Chain Maille ... No Longer Just For Knights
Bead Smith Pliers


  • Length:

  • Brand:

  • Best Used For:
    Small to heavy (0.8mm to 2.0mm)

  • Nose:
    Chain, Bent, Flat (Narrow/Wide)

Bead Smith Wire Workers Pliers


$22.25 inc GST

Flat Nosed Narrow Chain Nosed Pliers Bent Nose Plier Flat Nosed Wide

A fantastic tool to help make your chain mailling easier.

The padded handles give you great grip while maintaining comfort.

**NOTE:  I did find the edges a little sharp, so I would suggest you file the edges a little with an emery board to help round out the edges.

Bent Nosed:  Width of tip: 1.0mm  Total Length: 16.5cm

Chain Nosed:  Width of tip: 1.50mm  Total Length: 16.5cm

Flat (narrow) Nosed:  Width of tip:  3.6mm  Total Length:  16.5cm

Flat (wide) Nosed:  Width of tip:  6.3mm  Total Length:  16.5cm