Chain Maille ... No Longer Just For Knights

Although there are various tools that you can/will use in creating chain maille the main tools are pliers. You will need two pairs of pliers (one for each hand) and I often find that if you use a bent nosed in your non dominant hand and a chain nosed in your dominant hand you will have a great set of tools for most situations you come up against. Below is a small run down of the more common types of pliers you will find yourself using.

Flat Nosed Pliers

Useful for a variety

The Byzantine Weave has long been considered a beginners weave. It’s a fabulous looking weave that forms the basis of many variations. I believe it is that virtue that makes this the best place to start your chain maille journey on.

Once you have this weave down pat you will be able to create many more fabulous chain maille pieces using this one simple concept.


Suggested Supplies List (20cm or 8” chain):

0.8mm(20AWG)2.75mmID x 224 rings OR
1.0mm(18AWG)3.50mmID x 192 rings OR