Chain Maille ... No Longer Just For Knights


  • Type:

  • Brand:
    Aussie Maille

  • Best Used For:
    Temp Storage Jump Rings/Findings

  • Notes:
    Sold singularly.  Items are stackable

Jump Ring Tray


$3.50 inc GST


Price is for 1 Tray.  

At Aussie Maille we know and understand the pain of having your jump rings all over your work top as you create, spreading them about and getting all mixed up with other sizes.  It's enough to make a mailler cry.  But we have a great solution for you.  

Introducing our Jump Rings Trays, these little wonders will now hold your rings securely in one spot on your work top allowing you to have several sizes out without fear of mixing them up.  They come with a lid for you top pop on when you want to add a bit more security.  (Note:  these lids only sit on top of the tray, they are not to be used as permanent storage solutions).  When you are done with the rings, there is the convenient pouring spout that will allow for easy transfer back into your permanent storage be it a bag or some other container.

They are not only for Jump Rings though, we have had great success with using them for findings and beads that you may need for your creations.  They are just so handy.

These items are 3D printed and have not had any further finishing applied.  These means your tray will have a fabulous texturered finish.  This is not a defect but just the normal result of the printing process.  Please note that these are not suitable for food storage as they have not been sealed.