Chain Maille ... No Longer Just For Knights
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  • Difficulty:
    Mixed (Beginner-Intermediate)

  • Projects:
    6 Projects (see description)

  • Included:
    Instructions, jump rings, findings

  • Materials:
    Bright & Anodized Aluminium.  Stainless Steel findings

  • You will need:
    Two pairs of pliers

Kits/Instructions Package 02

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Do yourself a favour and grab this fabulous Kit & Instructions Package.

The package contains a total of six kits and matching tutorials.  The tutorials have been printed professionally and we have then placed them inside a plastic binder that will allow for expansion.

The projects included in this package are:

Viper Basket Bracelet (AA & BA)
Shaggy Scales Earrings
Double Spiral Bracelet (AA & BA)
Flat Box Bracelet (BA)
Shenanigans Stretchy Bracelet (AA & EPDM)
Garter Weave Bracelet (AA & BA) 

The materials used are Anodized Alumnium (AA), Bright Aluminium(BA), EPDM and Stainless Steel findings.  Colours will be random, but if you have a particular colour for a kit, comment us and we will do our best to fill it for you....but there are no guarantees.