Chain Maille ... No Longer Just For Knights
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  • Difficulty:

  • Projects:
    4 Projects (see description)

  • Included:
    Instructions, jump rings, findings

  • Materials:
    Bright & Anodized Aluminium.  Stainless Steel findings

  • You will need:
    Two pairs of pliers

Kits/Instructions Package 09

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This kit is aimed at Intermediate/Advanced Maillers.  Experience with chain maille is a must, this kit is not recommended for beginners.

The package contains four of our kits and matching tutorials.  Each kit makes one bracelet.  The tutorials have been printed professionally and we have then placed them inside a plastic binder that will allow for expansion.

The projects included in this package are:

Celtic Strap Bracelet (BA&AA)
Nidhogg Bracelet (BA&AA)
Fern Elf Bracelet (BA&AA)
Snapdragon Bracelet (BA&AA) 

The materials used are Anodized Alumnium (AA), Bright Aluminium(BA), Stainless Steel and plated findings.  Colours will be random, but if you have a particular colour for a kit, comment us and we will do our best to fill it for you....but there are no guarantees.