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Pliers - An Explanation of Types

 Mar 26, 2013    Knowledge Base

Although there are various tools that you can/will use in creating chain maille the main tools are pliers. You will need two pairs of pliers (one for each hand) and I often find that if you use a bent nosed in your non dominant hand and a chain nosed in your dominant hand you will have a great set of tools for most situations you come up against. Below is a small run down of the more common types of pliers you will find yourself using.

Flat Nosed Pliers

Useful for a variety of tasks, including: bending angles in wire and sheet, holding small beads, holding bezel wire during filing and most importantly for us, opening and closing jump rings. Both jaws are perfectly flat with a rectangular cross section. Can come in various widths.

Chain Nosed Pliers

Perfectly suited for getting into tight areas and for precision work.  Useful for opening small jump rings, bending thin gauge wire and holding small beads. Cross section of the jaw is flat where they meet and round on the outside.  Jaws taper to a fine point.

Bent Nosed Pliers


Preferred by some people over chain nosed pliers because the bent jaws provide better access to tight areas.  Useful for "tucking in" wire ends in beads but especially great for holding jump rings in chain maille with a good covering of the ring, keeping it steady. Cross section and taper is the same as chain nosed pliers, but the jaws are bent to one side.

Round Nosed Pliers


Primarily used to bend wire for jump rings, chain making, filigree work and wire wrapping.  Both jaws have a round cross section and taper to a fine point at the tips, making them great for getting into tight areas. Although NOT used for weaving maille itself, these are great for making your own clasps, ear wires, wire loops etc.

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