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Spiral 6in1 - Half Round Rings Tutorial

 Mar 31, 2013    Maille Tutorials

Spiral 6in1 is an easy weave that looks fabulous when made with half round rings. The profile of the wire allows the spiral shape to be held without the need to continually twist the weave as you would if made with round wire rings.

If though, you do only have round wire rings, the Double Spiral 6in1 is the weave for you.

Click on each image to get a larger shot of each step.

First step is to create a 4 ring mobius ball. To do this you simply close one ring, feed your next through the middle of that and close, then feed your next ring through the middle of both the rings close and continue until you have used the required amount of this case 4.
Next open up another ring, slightly flare out your mobius ball and pass the opened ring through the 3 last rings on the mobius ball.   Close this ring.
Continue like this, adding one ring through the last 3 rings of the piece, until you have the length you require.
When you have reached the length you require you will need to attach a clasp. I prefer to place the last ring that you will be attaching the claps to through the last two rings in the weave, but this is up to you how you wish to finish this end. You may need to make this ring a round wire ring for strength.
I do the same on the other end, putting the ring I am going to close the clasp onto through the last two rings.   And now you have a finished bracelet in Spiral 6in1 with Half Round Wire Jump Rings.