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Stainless Steel 14G


  • Ring Count:
    See Table

  • Wire Temper:

  • Alloy:

  • Ease of Use:
    Hard, can be very difficult 1.2mm and above.  

  • Will it Tarnish:

Stainless Steel 14AWG (1.6mm)

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Sold in 10 gram bags

As with all our jump rings our stainless steel rings are saw cut.  This leaves you with a seamless closure and doesn't catch on other items as you wear it....a must if you are making chain maille jewellery.

Stainless steel is a much harder material to work with if you haven't used it before.  It will take more effort to close the jump rings properly than some of our other metals.  The end result is worth it though, as it makes stunning chain maille jewellery (especially for men) and won't rust or loves being worn and will get shinier as you wear it.


Jump Ring Stats:


Ring ID Actual ID Actual AR Ring Count
5.75mm 6.02mm 3.76 26



Ring ID Actual ID Actual AR Ring Count
1/4"(6.35mm) 6.47mm 4.04 25
11/32"(8.73mm) 8.87mm 5.54 19
7/16"(11.11mm) 11.14mm 6.96 15

How to Use this Table:

Ring ID is the size of the mandrel that was used to make the ring.

Actual Ring ID is the measured Internal Diameter of a closed jump ring (this takes springback and kerf into consideration).  

Actual AR is the Aspect Ratio that was calculated using the Actual Ring ID.

Ring Count is the approximate number of rings in the standard bag size.


To help you with some ideas of weaves you can create we have listed some here that will work with this jump ring size.  

For a more complete listing of weaves and their statistics please see our Maille Library.


Weave Name Metric  Imperial

European 4in1
Double Vision 



European 4in1
Spiral 4in1
Sweet Pea



Full Persian 6in1