Chain Maille ... No Longer Just For Knights


  • $ Value:

  • Rings:
    Bright & Anodized Aluminium

  • Beads:
    Toho Seed Beads

  • Findings:
    Plated Misc

  • You will need:
    Thirst for Knowledge

Stash Pack - October


$35.55 inc GST

4 item(s)

Just starting out and want some rings and findings that you can use to build your stash, or even if supplies are running low, this is a great buy for you.

This deal is a limited run each month.  The pack will be available for however long the stock lasts.  Each month on the 15th a new pack will be listed.  Values/Costs will vary from each month depending on the materials supplied.

You don't need to subscribe, just purchase as a normal stock item.  Each pack will generally have rings that fall into a similar Aspect Ratio across a few different gauges.  Although we will recommend weaves that will use the rings provided each month, the supplies are not aimed at making specific projects.  

August Pack. 
Retail Value:  approx $55.00 

Aspect Ratio: ~4.0 
Suggested Weaves:  Beez Stew, Byzee Beez to Butterflies, Elfin, Elfweave, Fieldstone, Medo Persian, Spiral 4in1, Sweet Pea.

Your Stash will include:

Jump Rings Ring Size

BA - 50grams of each size listed

1.6mm(14AWG) 6.25mmID
1.2mm (16AWG) 3/16"(4.76mm)ID
1.0mm (18AWG) 4.00mmID

AA - 2 x 10grams

1.2mm (16AWG) 3/16"(4.76mm)ID
random colours

Beads Size

Toho Seed Beads
2 x bags 

6/0 - random colours

Findings Quantity

Ear Wires
Toggle Clasp 
Dragon Pendant

5 pairs Stainless Steel
2 clasps Various Designs Plated
2 pendants Plated

Images indicative only, colours and styles of findings may vary from what is shown.