At Aussie Maille we strive to offer the best tools we can find while keeping value for money for our customers.

Here you will find a selection of Pliers for all budgets as well as other miscellanous tools that prove helpful to chain maillers.

We also offer a selction of wire working tools in addition to tradtional mailling tools.



A handy tool to have around for the weaves where you need to grab a ring and pull into place. 15cm in length with a sharp pointy end (keep out of the... More

Bead Smith Crimping Plier


$19.00   $15.00
The Crimper is a tool which forms a smooth unobtrusive crimp.   Comfortable PVC grip approx 13cm in length. Although not a tool used often in... More

Bead Smith Pliers - Ergonometric Economy Set
Fabulous Set of Quality Beadsmith Pliers packaged for your convenience in a handy black canvas carry case. Pliers are approx 12.5cm (5") in length and... More

Bead Smith Pliers - Ergonometric Handle Economy
Another quality plier from Beadsmith.   Designed with a very comfortable ergonomic handle, you will be very happy with these budget friendly pliers.... More

Bead Smith Wire Workers Pliers


A fantastic tool to help make your chain mailling easier. The padded handles give you great grip while maintaining comfort. **NOTE:  I did find... More

BeadSmith Pliers


$8.50   $6.50
These pliers feature foam handles, return springs, and smooth stainless steel jaws. A great set of pliers for a terrific price!   Chain... More

Bur Cup Tool


The prefect tool for smoothing the rough and sharp ends of cut wire. Best used with wires no larger than 18G (1.0mm) diameter.

Coiling Gizmo Deluxe
An economy coiling tool to help create and design jewellery from coiled wire. Make a coil spring with wire coiled around one of the two crank rods. A... More

Digital Calipers
Beadsmith Digital Calliper A great tool for measuring wire and ring diameters.   Minimum scale to read is 0.1mm/0.01" up to 100mm/4" Accuracy... More

2 Piece Plastic Set Holes range in diameter from 1.5 to 14.5mm Use to work-harden, smooth and condense Knitted, Crotched, Woven or Braided Wire.... More