Chain Maille ... No Longer Just For Knights

The Back Catalogue - Volume 4


We were told that you wanted more, so we just had to create The Back Catalogue - Volume 4. With 36 more weaves, its time to once again roll up your sleaves. 

Every volume has weaves suitable for beginner and experienced maillers, so you can start with the original Back Catalogue or go straight to The Back Catalogue - Volume 4 the choice is yours.

The Back Catalogue - Volume 4 Weave List

Month Kit 1 Kit 2 Kit 3
1 Back to Work Euro Fan Earrings Simple Japanese Weave
2 Bumpa Single Locked Byzantine Eternal Byzantine Pendant
3 Nova Earrings & Pendant Ocean Waves Handfast
4 GSG Japanese 12in2 Pendant Bydand
5 Stepping Stones Supersonic Waves Camelot
6 Captive 2in1 Honey Bee Dragonstripe
7 AGSG Tao Dragontail Stagged Byz Halves
8 Sunrise Ruby's Byz-Band Arkham
9 Beez to Butterflies Minerva Celtic Lace
10 Captive Inverted Round Chronic Helm Celtic Mosiac
11 Lorelei Cask Ravensara
12 Odin's Eye Moon Elfweave Voodoo



The Back Catalogue - Volume 4 is a monthly chain maille kit subscription service. Every month for 12 months, you will receive 3 different chain maille kits along with written and video tutorials. All these kits are from past Aussie Maillers videos posted on YouTube.

Each kit includes all of the materials that you need to complete a jewellery piece or other fashion item such us a bracelet or pendant. You will also be emailed a link to the Youtube video of Deb demonstrating how to make this weave as well as a PDF tutorial that you can print out. 


Join now and start receiving your kits immediately. Then each month on the anniversary of your subscription the next set of kits will be sent out.

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