Chain Maille ... No Longer Just For Knights

The Back Catalogue


Missed out on learning some of the weaves the we have already done on Saturday Nighters Maille Club?

Looking for new weaves to try but don't know which ones?

We have gone through our previous Saturday Nighter's video streams and hand picked 12 months of weaves and put them into The Back Catalogue.

You are going to love making and learning all of these weaves

The Back Catalogue Weave List

Month Kit 1 Kit 2 Kit 3
1 Valairis Dragonspine Celtic Wings Bastardised Byzantine Bias
2 Dragontail OVB Lace Calisto
3 Byzee Wench Gryphon Flat Box
4 Tying Flies Byzantine Diamond Olivia
5 Double Vision Dragon Toes Ruffles
6 Half Persian 3in1 Spine Helm's Deep Inverted Sprial
7 Slow Worm Half Persian 4in1 Shenanigans
8 Celtic Sprial Knot Double Cloud Cover Garter Weave
9 Arcadian Vipera Berus Elfin
10 Celtic Strap Dybbuk Ridge Nidhogg
11 Karuna Tetra Orb Waterlily Elfweave
12 JPL 5 Snapdragon Fern Elf

Subscribe to The Back Catalogue and each month we will send you 3 chain maille kits from past Saturday Nighters.

Each kit includes all of the materials that you need to complete a jewellery piece or other fashion item such us a bracelet or pendant. You will also be emailed a link to the Youtube video of Deb demonstrating how to make this weave as well as a PDF tutorial that you can print out. 


Join now and start receiving your kits immediately. Then each month on the anniversary of your subscription the next set of kits will be sent out.

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