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Angel Wings Aroma Bracelet


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Aroma Jewellery is the perfect way to experience essential oils in your everyday life.

Simply add your choice of essential oils to the absorbent pad and place it inside your pendant.  When warmed by the heat of your body, the essential oils will be diffused through the front of the pendant into the air surrounding you.

Design:  Angel Wings
Size:  Pendant approx 30mm Diameter
Style:  Locket with a screw on top
Metal:  Pendant is Surgical Stainless Steel.  Leather strap with watch closure.
Scent Pads:  5 spare pads included, various colours

How to Use
To open the pendant, unscrew the top section.  Inside is a scent pad.  Take it out and put a couple of drops of your chosen essential oil/blend.  Place pad back into your locket and close.  Once the scent fades (usually after a couple of days) you simply remove the pad and add more oils. If you want to change the scent, you can use a different pad or wash the existing one. The scent pads come in various colours allowing you to change up the look of your pendant or match it to your current outfit.  Scent pads can be purchased separately in our store.

Try not to drip oils onto your pendant or metal parts of your bracelets as the oils may damage the metal finish.  Always take the scent pad out of the pendants first before applying oils.
Do not allow oils to come into contact with your skin or clothes.  Using Essential Oils neat (100%) on your skin may result in skin sensitivity.  If the oils touch your clothes, especially the darker coloured oils, staining may occur.
Some oils do have darker colours, remember this as you place them on your scent pad.  The colour may stain the pad and show through the design of the front of the pendant.  Keep this in mind when using lighter coloured scent pads.
You don't need more than 2 or 3 drops of essential oils.  More is not better in this case.  Essential Oils are strong and do not need to be used as much as perfumes and fragrance oils may.

Keep out of reach of children.
Never allow children or pets to chew the necklace/scent pads or on your lava beads bracelet.