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  • Material:

  • Colour:
    Various Available

  • Size/s:
    approx 6mm  

  • 1 unit equals:
    20 Beads

Celestial Crystal - Bicones 6mm


$3.50 inc GST


Sold in packs of 20 beads.  

Sized:  approx 6mm 

Celestial Crystal beads are known for their soft, understated elegance.  The faceting reflects lively highlights and colours.  

Blue Mix:  can include opaque to transparent cobalt, opaque to transparent light blue, transparent frosted light blue, transparent clear AB and transaparent blue AB.
Ocean Mix:  can include transparent peacock, opaque green AB, transparent smoky brown and transparent aqua blue.
Autumn Mix:  can include transparent grey, champagne AB, copper AB and brown.
Spring Mix:  can include transparent pink, smoky brown AB, green and tanzanite blue
Fire Mix:  can include transparent red, opaque black, transparent gold AB and transparent orange

Colours, shapes and sizes may vary slightly due to different dye lots and cutting techniques.