Chain Maille ... No Longer Just For Knights


  • Material:
    K9 Glass

  • Colour:
    Various Available

  • Size/s:

  • 1 unit equals:
    6 Beads

K9 Glass - Faceted Rounds 10mm


$7.45 inc GST


Sold in packs of 6 beads.  

Sized:  approx 10mm 

K9 Crystal is made using a standard glass manufacturing process, using a specific type of glass called K9, which contains a high concentration of lead oxide. While K9 Crystal still offers good clarity and some degree of brilliance, it may not match the superior quality and optical performance of Swarovski CrystalAlso known as borosilicate glass. 

Colours, shapes and sizes may vary slightly due to different dye lots and cutting techniques.