Chain Maille ... No Longer Just For Knights

Byzantine Bracelet Tutorial

 Mar 26, 2013    Maille Tutorials

The Byzantine Weave has long been considered a beginners weave. It’s a fabulous looking weave that forms the basis of many variations. I believe it is that virtue that makes this the best place to start your chain maille journey on.

Once you have this weave down pat you will be able to create many more fabulous chain maille pieces using this one simple concept.


Suggested Supplies List (20cm or 8” chain):

0.8mm(20AWG)2.75mmID x 224 rings OR
1.0mm(18AWG)3.50mmID x 192 rings OR
1.2mm(16AWG)4.50mmID x 160 rings
1 clasp
2 pairs of pliers (any combination of chain, flat or bent nose)

Begin by opening up some of your rings. Open as many as you like, you will need to have all rings opened at some stage in the project.
Form a simple chain to give you something to hold onto while weaving.


Make this as long as you like.

Alternatively you can feed a piece of wire (or tie twist) through two closed rings and twist it to become your handle.


In the end of the chain attach two jump rings as shown in the image.

With this weave, everywhere you put one ring, you must double it.


Put another pair of rings through the end of the two you just placed, giving you two lots of double rings.


Place another set of rings into the last ones you placed, giving you three sets of doubled rings.


Hold onto to the first of the pairs and let the last pair fall open.


Now fold these rings back to lay either side of the first pair of rings.

Grip these rings with your fingers.


Move the second pair of rings (the ones now sticking up) slightly apart so that you can see the ones you just flipped back.


Take one of your open rings and insert it through the exposed rings.



As said before, where one rings goes so must another. Insert another open ring through the same path as the first.


This pair becomes the first of your three pairs of doubled rings.


Insert an open ring into the last pair and close.

Place second ring through same path. This becomes the second pair of rings.


Insert an open ring through the last pair of rings and close.

Place second ring through the same path. This now becomes your third pair of rings.

As previously in step 6 hold onto the first of your pairs, letting the last pair fall open.
As before, fold this pair of rings back to lie beside the first pair of rings.

Move the second pair of rings (the ones now sticking up) slightly apart so that you can see the ones you just flipped back.

Insert an open ring through the exposed pair of rings (ie the pair of rings you just flipped back).

Remember where one ring goes another must follow, put another closed ring through the same path and close.

Here is one complete unit of byzantine. The weave is just a continuation of units until you have reached the length you want. Repeat from Step 11 until you are happy with the length.
Attaching a toggle clasp. When you have reached the required length, insert only 1 ring to finish off the section, not the normal two. Before closing slip over the bar section of your toggle. (depending on your clasp you may like to have a chain of two or more slightly smaller rings before you attach your clasp end)
For the other end, remove the starting chain, and take away one of the original pairs. Open up the ring still attached to the bracelet and slip on the ring section of the toggle clasp. Close the ring.
Image of fully attached toggle clasp.

Now that you have gone over the instructions it’s time to buy a kit and get started.