Chain Maille ... No Longer Just For Knights

Maille Tutorials

We know that when you are starting out you really want to get started straight away.  To help you with this we have included some easy, fun tutorials for you to start with .

The best thing is there is no cost for these tutorials.  They still have our fabulous, close up photos and detailed step by step instructions but they are our gift to you.


This week Deb shows makes a beatuful Celtic Strap bracelet in A Weave A Week

Whip up this simple little unit weave that can be put together to make up earrings, necklace, bracelet or pendant.

First created by Red Panda, this is a fun project that will allow you to maille up a new project in just minutes.











Suggested Supplies List (1 Unit):

1.2mmx3.50mmID Bright Aluminium Jump Rings x 16
1.2mmx9.50mmID Bright Aluminium Jump Rings x 1
1.6mmx1/4"(6.35mm)ID EPDM Jump Rings x 8

2 pairs of pliers (any

Launch your Chain Maille Skills with this Free Square Wire Mobius Flower Earring Tutorial.


Romanov is a Byzantine Variant.   Each Rosette is made up of two units of byzantine, sandwiching a bead.   Single units make great earrings.

You will need to know how to put a bead onto an eye pin and create an unwrapped loop on the other end.



Suggested Supplies List (20cm or 8” chain):

1.0mmx3.50mmID Jump Rings x 200
1.2mmx6.50mmID Jump Rings x 12
1.5” eye pins x 5
6mm Bicone Beads x 5
1 Lobster Clasp

2 pairs of pliers (any combination of chain, flat or bent nose)

The shaggy weave is a fun weave that you can use just rings, beads or scales like in this tutorial.  You can make earrings, bracelet or's a great weave to start with.

Most importantly, have fun with it.

Required Materials:
14G (1.6mm) 6.35mm(1/4”)ID Anodized Aluminium Jump Rings x 8
Small Anodized Aluminium Scales x 16
1 pair of ear wires

Before you start: open all your jump rings.

Thread 2 scales onto an open jump ring (make sure

Japanese 12 in2 is a fabulously versatile weave.Although not difficult it can be fiddly for a beginner to take on.Keeping this in mind we have made available to you an easy to do project. This tutorial uses bright and anodised aluminium jump rings, but it looks as stunning in any metal.

Suggested Supplies:

14 G(1.6 mm) x7.94 mmID– 8(approx)**
14 G(1.6 mm) x6.35 mmID - 8(approx)**
16 G(1.2 mm) x3.97 mmID - 24(approx)**
** sizes used in tutorial images

1 pair ear wires
2 pairs

European 4in1 is a great place for beginners to start. This weave although best done with rings that have an Aspect Ratio of 3.5, it is very forgiving and you can use much larger rings and still get a nice looking piece.  

Suggested Supplies List (20cm or 8” chain):

0.8mm(20AWG)2.75mmID x 224 rings OR
1.0mm(18AWG)3.50mmID x 192 rings OR
1.2mm(16AWG)4.50mmID x 160 rings
1 clasp
2 pairs of pliers (any combination of chain, flat or bent nose)

Begin by opening

Spiral 6in1 is an easy weave that looks fabulous when made with half round rings. The profile of the wire allows the spiral shape to be held without the need to continually twist the weave as you would if made with round wire rings.

If though, you do only have round wire rings, the Double Spiral 6in1 is the weave for you.

Click on each image to get a larger shot of each step.

First step is to create a 4 ring mobius ball. To do this you simply close one ring, feed

The Byzantine Weave has long been considered a beginners weave. It’s a fabulous looking weave that forms the basis of many variations. I believe it is that virtue that makes this the best place to start your chain maille journey on.

Once you have this weave down pat you will be able to create many more fabulous chain maille pieces using this one simple concept.


Suggested Supplies List (20cm or 8” chain):

0.8mm(20AWG)2.75mmID x 224 rings OR
1.0mm(18AWG)3.50mmID x 192 rings OR